Button Rifled Barrel - Finished - Stainless Steel

  • $599.00

International barrels button rifled blanks are made to exacting specifications. Every step of our process is checked and rechecked to make sure our barrels meet the needs of the top shooters in the world. Once the barrel making process is finished, we take random samples and shoot them ourselves to ensure they meet our own standards for accuracy. They shoot! When you purchase a barrel from us you can rely on the fact that you are getting a button rifled barrel that will meet your needs and help you make that perfect shot. 

Finished barrels come chambered and threaded for your action. Chambering reamers used are standard reamers that work for most projectiles but if you are unsure or want to shoot a specific projectile please let us know and we can guide you. If you have a reamer of your own that you want us to use, we can do that too.

Finished barrels will be chambered 5-10 thou deep and will require a small amount of gunsmithing at the shoulder to obtain the correct, safe headspace. This is not a drop in barrel that you can take out of the box and go straight to the range with. Your local gunsmith must set the headspace for you before it can be fired.

 Please specify your action model and current caliber in the notes after checkout for finished barrels.