Tactical/Match Profiles

 IBI M24 Profile

 IBI offers the classic US Army M24 profile that is popular among tactical shooters. Starting at 1.2" at the shank, it tapers down to a thick .90" at the muzzle. We can finish these ones at either 24" or 26" in length. Click on the picture for a better view.

 Remington Varmint

The tried and true Remington Varmint profile is one that is available on several rifles directly from Remington. Now you can have the same profile on a custom, hand lapped barrel! This profile steps down from a 1.25" shank, to .96 and gradually tapers to .83 at the muzzle. This profile shoots very well! Ordering a shorter version will also help cut down on weight if you don't need 26" of finished barrel. This is currently one of the more popular profiles in the PRS game and crosses over to hunting VERY well. Click on the picture for a better view.